Silvia’s 101

This will be interesting……….
1. I will be 45 this year
2. My Zodiac sign is the Crab
3. I am an animal lover
4. I am married to the love of my live
5. I am married for the second time
6. I am an Atheist
7. I am a chocoholic
8. I am a shopaholic
9. I have the nature of an addict
10.I am a depressive
11.I love my Friends
12.I have more online friends then real friends
13.I hate work
14.I love my Family
15.I love crafting
16.I am overweight
17.I stopped coloring my hair 3 years ago and just stayed grey!!
18.I am Tattooed
19.I love tattoos
20.I am a bad at spelling
21.I am bad at math
22.Same number as my Birthday
23.I collect cat ornaments and Children of the Inner light ornaments
24.This is getting harder
25.I drink to much Tea
26.I talk to much
27.I am to honest
28.I am a Status Quo Fan
29.I love Motorbikes
30.I love Orange County Choppers
31.I watch M*A*S*H*
32.I am not even half way through this
33.I get up at 4 AM
34.I don’t like sport
35.I am lazy
36.I hate housework
37.I love my Car
38.I love to laugh
39.I sleep a lot on my day’s of
40.I am getting closer to the half way point
41.I can Map read
42.I am a great navigator
43.I used to bite my fingernails
44.I am deaf in one ear
45.I am German
46.I think the internet is great
47.I like email
48.I am making this up as I go along
49.I can’t think of anything else
50.I will post more as I think of it
51.I hate pink
52.Blue is my favourite colour
53.My house is decorated in the American Primitive/ I don’t have much Money for new things style!!
54.I hate buying clothes
55.I am a Clint Eastwood fan
56.I am a marilyn Monroe fan
57.I love Orlando Bloom
58.I am growing my hair from Spikey to shoulder lenght and beyond
59.I am taking a break.
60.I love my own company
61.I am easily upset
62.I am double jointed
63.I get sidetracked easily
64.I am a procrastinator (hence I am only at 64)

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