As Rolf Harris would say…

….can you tell what it is yet?
What would this be
Experienced spinners will notice that this is my feeble attemt at using a drop spinndel!! Now in my defence I have to say I am doing this without prior experience and any form of tuition other then the writen word…and I am not understanding those…AT ALL!!!!!!!!! Well I could always say I am making elastic as that would be the texture of the ‘thing’. That is what I have termed it. Because lets face facts it ain’t no Yarn. I tryed watching the Video on the Joy of handspinning website but my PC won’t allow that. So far I am finding no Joy any where within handspinning…and more to the Point..if I do not demonstrate some sort of useable fiber between now and July DH will just never ever buy me the Spinning wheel. I asked Meg and she mentioned Guilds. I looked and found one in York only at this time they meet at the totaly wrong time for me to go and see them…so I will need to wait till I am on Holiday next month to go and see them. *sigh until then I still have to search for my own Handspinning Joy!!!!!!

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  1. Sue shares:

    That looks a lot better than my first attempt! Everyone will tell you to persevere with spinning because eventually it ‘clicks’ and you start producing yarn you’ll be proud of. Trust me! Then you’ll want to go back to producing ‘novelty’ yarns and that will be even harder. So enjoy yourself and your spinning will improve. (I love my first attempt by the way, it sits on my keyboard so I can admire it - really!)

  2. Carrie Anne shares:

    Spinning is something I would like to try - but a bit later in the year, I think. Your first attempt looks just fine to me!

  3. Tina shares:

    You have some yarn there! A good start I’m thinking.

  4. Michelle shares:

    Convince your hubby that a wheel is a lot easier than a drop spindle (I speak from experience!) - you might find Lee Ravens book Hands on Spinning helpful if you haven’t got it already?

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