I hope everybody had a good’s back to the grindstone..or Dungeon in my Case!! I wanted to show you the finished piece of the Blue Vessel. I have embellished it using Needle Felting (thanks to Belle’s encouragement). By the way Belle if you could let me know how I can contact you I would like to ask some Questions regarding needle felting. So here is a reminder picture of how it was.

And here it is now.

I seem to have a thing about Lagoons as I named this Piece ‘Blue Lagoon’!! Comments as always welcomed. I am working on a few more pieces..not just vessels either. I need to make some Stock for my Site after all. I am thinking they will make a good addition. As these are more contemporary then most of the stuff I do. So a wider audience can be reached. Also when my DD finaly gets her Workshop/Shop she be more likely to display these then my Primitives..I hope. Have I ever told you about what DD does? I am sure I have..after all I keep going on about (proud mother thing don’t you know), if I have not mentioned it then go and look for yourself
My DD’s Website

Yay, 4 friends commented!

  1. Tina shares:

    Love this lagoon vessel Silv. The needle felting on it is just right I think. A really nice one.

    I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again, DD’s stuff is lovely. I will need prices on those long pendants at some point so I guess I should email her.

  2. Cherry shares:

    Jessica’s work is beautiful - she must have good genes!
    Love the needle felting - don’t you find it therapeutic to do - like kneading bread dough or similar!

  3. Carrie Anne shares:

    Oh, I love the lagoon vessel, Silvia, such beautiful work. I was lucky enough to see one of Jessica’s jewellery pieces in the flesh - her work is fantastic!

  4. Mary-Lou shares:

    Love the colour! can I ask a stupid question - what exactly is needle felting? anywhere I can find out?

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