Another will be

First Thank you everyone for your good words and encouragement…I will keep at it:) Now for those of my friends that have asked here in pictures what hopefully will be another nice piece (lots of pics)
A jar and two colors of Roving

After the jar has been ‘wraped’

protect the Roving with some socks.

Pour some hot water all over it

Give it a good rubbing all over

Rinse and fulling

Voila drying on some sort of Form

Yay, 5 friends commented!

  1. Sunny shares:

    You mean you don’t even have to knit it??????? See how much I know LOL.. well that is simply amazing, and I can’t wait to see more. This is such a beautiful color too.. you go girl!!!!!!!

  2. Carrie Anne shares:

    Thank you for showing pics of the process, it is really fascinating! That looks as if it is going to be another beautiful piece :)

  3. Tina shares:

    Velly interesting!! An artist at work :)

  4. Cherry shares:

    Thank you so much for sharing Silvia - can’t wait to see what next develops from your wizard hands!

  5. Laurie B shares:

    Very cool - thanks for showing us the process! You are creating some beautiful pieces!

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