Just a little encouragement…..

..and I wade into territory unknown. After the excellent feedback I recieved from my Vessels I thought I try wall hangings. Now I am limited in the size I can do because of the workspace I have, but little steps….So I created 2 small Wallhangings. Number one is called ‘Bridging The Gap’ . Greens representing the Earth/the ground, bright blue circles represent the sky, the brown representing the steps that bridge the Gap between heaven and earth.

The next one is ‘The Maroon Lagoon’. Self explanatory to look at but I used my imagination in as far as I imagin some excotic far away Lagoon to look like that at night.

Again the bigger photos in my Album

Yay, 5 friends commented!

  1. Maryellen shares:

    Very cool. Now Silvia you can always sew your small wall hangings together like a quilt press then hang for a bigger effect.

  2. Silvia shares:

    Thanks Meg, that would be my next step. I am just thinking of a way to make the stitching part of the Piece rather then just sewing it together. Kust waiting for more Fibers. In the meantime…I got my Dropspindle out and trying to get to grips with that…badly I may add!!

  3. Tina shares:

    Ooh yes, that’s a good idea. They need to be larger and sticking them together somehow would be great. I’m a green fan so I love the top one.

  4. Sunny shares:

    Wow, now you are really getting artistic, simply amazing girl !

  5. Carrie Anne shares:

    Wow Silvia, I get ever more inspired each time I come by your site! Just loving the wall hangings - and I agree - a large piece made out of several sewn together would make a stunning piece.

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