Fiberartist or am I deluding myself?

I have been felting least that is how I think of them. I love love experimenting with Feltmaking. I use Roving for this. Okay I am no trained artist…all I know is self taught but I have been looking about and mine are just as weird and wonderous as anybody elses out there…tell me your oppinion….
Picture one..just a small bowl in brown and gold..nothing fancy ..just a bowl

The next, more elaborate..Pink/blue Purple Fancy

i will upload the bigger pictures to my Photobucket as soon as they finished with their maintenance..but I would like some input on these..Thanks in advance

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  1. Terry shares:

    Those are so amazing Silvia! You come up with the coolest things! :0)

  2. Maryellen shares:

    I like them. But I’m a very big fan of the weird and wonderful.

  3. Carrie Anne shares:

    I love them, Silvia, especially the pink and purple one. I am a huge fan and collector of hand thrown stoneware, and these look like ceramic pieces that I would buy. But they’re made out of yarn - my two loves combined almost! So I am definitely interested in seeing more of your work in this area. And maybe even buying one if you decide to sell!

  4. Silvia shares:

    Thanks Girls
    I am still in the learning stages but it is something I would like to pursue. And Carrie Anne if ever I get good enough so I would buy them I would indeed sell them..but I got some ways to go with that just yet

  5. Tina shares:

    Yep, they’re definitely fabboo! I love calling them vessels too. And I’m with Carrie Anne, they are highly sellable :)

  6. Cherry shares:

    I love the gold and brown - which surpriese me as I go for colour usually. At first I thought the pinky-purple was a little too Dr. Seuss (I thought it was abouta foot high!)and then I realised (thanks to the plug) the scale and it is sweeeet. How on earth do you shape them - its amazing

  7. belle shares:

    Silvia, your vessels are just stunning, I love the colours, and it’s all so quirky (that’s good). I like your upsized ‘postcards’ too, what a geat idea. I agree with your other fans - your work is definitely saleable. My dd wet felts ‘wee blossom hats’ that she sells at craft fairs, and now a lot by word of mouth - go to if you’d like a look.

    Keep up the good work, can’t wait to see what you do next :)

  8. Sunny shares:

    Amazing Silvia, you get more and more talented each time you create something:)

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