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Well I did it!! The Laptop is functional. Yay me!! So now I can finaly surf the internet highway where ever I want to. And now I can write about what has been happening around her….such as it is.
I have not been crafting much these last few days. I have designed a lovely tote bag but the way this bag is sewn is sooo different from the way I normaly sew my Totes that I am having a bit of a time of it. But I am sure it will be worth it. Also I have been playing with the Idea of adding a section to my Shop where I indulge my Passion for extreme Primitive Dolls. I know they are not eveybody’s cup of tea but I do love them. The simplicity of these little Dolls just kind of appeals to my inner Child, brinning back memories of yester year. We see. I just have to find some time to think this through. I have a few designs in my mind and have been doodeling away at them.
Knitting..I almost finished another bag and have another in mind. I am still working on my Cotton Jumper,which I know I never mentioned before. That is because I have no Idea how it will turn out or if indeed it will turn out at all. I am on the first sleeve now. I am making this after a Pattern my Mother used all the time,it is called……..If you can make it fit it will be okay!!!! Basicaly you just knit and hope for the best!!! I like those kind of Patterns.
Well I best be going to sleep as I will have to be up at about 2.30 AM in the morning. Yes I have the super duper early shift or as I like to call it the BSF (Before Sparrows Fart).So it’s goodnight from me……………..

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  1. Cherry shares:

    Hi Silvia, I look forward to seeing the new Tote. I love bags. Today I have been fiddling with a little crochet drawstring bag. I tend to plan too little - call it organic design - like your cotton junper?!! I do and redo a lot but it is the best way to spend the day! Especially when the weather is sooooo bad.
    Glad you are up and running with the laptop. Is the BSF start for lambing?

  2. Cherry shares:

    jumper even!!!!

  3. Tina shares:

    Good luck with the cotton jumper :)

    I like the primitives. I like lots of different types of dolls really, but my house is so overstuffed with things that I daren’t start to collect or really fall for anything else. The yarn stash is threatening to block the tv from view and hubby is getting a bit stressed! ;) Your dolls are lovely.

  4. Woolly Wormhead shares:

    Hey Silvia! Haven’t got your email addy so couldn’t reply to your comment, but you don’t *have* to buy a hat! How do you find online sales through your shop?



  5. Tami shares:

    Wow, that’s early in the morning. I hope you get lots of rest before those sparrows far *snicker* I think it’s a great idea to add an Extreme Prim section to your shop. It doesn’t appeal to everyone but it is very popular!

  6. fsbo-ne shares:

    Good site… Nice design

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