So..the world still turns?

Yep it does. After the traumatic parting of my beloved dog the world and life in general goes has to.
I want to thank all my wonderful Friends for their heartfelt support. You are all wonderful and I don’t know if I could have made it without you by my side.
But onwards…and forwards..
I have now called my Website back into being and keep adding some more of my Handmade crafts as I go. I even got back into sewing..albeit slowly. But this time I do not feel pressure to create Items to fill the Site…I do it because I love it. And it makes everything so much easier and more enjoyable. I am now feeling creative again for the sake of creation not just for the money I could make. It is a huge weight of my shoulders.
So I am giving myself the time and space to do all the things I want to and to learn new things and all of a sudden my world is in zinc again. It is funny how one door slamming shut in your Face can open another..if you are just willing to let it.
All I need now is to come up with a way of squeezing an extra 24 hours a day ….out of a 24 hour day!!!!!!!!

Yay, 2 friends commented!

  1. Stacie shares:

    I am very sorry for your loss.

  2. Sunny shares:

    I hear ya girl, do it for the love of it and don’t put any pressure on yourself. Oh and I agree, if we could just have more hours in the day :)

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