Almost done. What a long week this has been!! I am back at work after a lovely week of and I have only been back 5 days and already I am just tired. Dog tired to be truthfull. Guess I am getting old. Thankfully I finish early today so I be able to get some sleep this afternoon. Have fallen behind with most things again…and it only took 5 days. Mind you if we had not gone out to York on wednesday I probably would have been okay. But I did so enjoy our day out so it is okay. Will try and play catchup over the weekend. Need to go foodshopping and do house cleaning…all very mundane and boring stuff. But I will make some time in between for crafting. Maybe another wire bracelet and start another bag and of course get on with my shawl………
Sorry I am rambeling nonsens but I do not want Tami to pick on me for no new posts again!!!
I am also looking forward to recieving my Collinette Yarn from
Laughing Hens. I have an Idea for a scarf and I need Collinette to do that with. It seems the crafting Muse (if there is such a creature) has her arms firmly around me. I have Ideas floating around in my head all the time…it has been a while since I have had any inspirations coming to me that have me feeling all creative. It is simply the time..or rather the lack of it.

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  1. Maryellen shares:

    Hi Silvia:

    I’m glad your husband has found a job. Is it close to your house? Love the bracelet.

  2. Tami shares:

    Now would I pick on you????? *giggle* NO WAY!!! I’m glad you posted but so sorry that you are so busy and so tired. I can relate cuz I’ve been oh so tired as well. Isn’t it a joy?!?! Take care!

  3. Shelley shares:

    Found my way here surfing through the count your socks list and thought I’d stop in and say hello!

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