My word it has been busy. At first it was all very blah and lets worry about getting DH a job and so on. Then on Wednesday we went to York for a day out just DH and me try and forget our problems just for a bit. Barely got of the Bus at the Park and Ride and his Mobile goes…..Hey mate the job is yours!!! Bingo that’s just the way we like it. When we got back home we had to inform god and the world DH is back in employment. Letters had to be written phonecalls had to be made and I was still doing so today. Lets hope things go back to normal now…..
Did I buy anything in York? A pointless question realy…does a Bear poop in a Forrest??? yaha!!I bought a wire knitting kit. Wana see what I made with it? Yeah sure ya do…..
Wire knitted bracelet
I am hooked..I liked the way it turned out very much and knitting with wire was fun although pre stringing the beads and sequines was not. But I like it..I like it a lot.

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  1. Tami shares:

    That’s just awesome that your hubby got a new job so fast! That bracelet is gorgeous!! You do great things!

  2. Sunny shares:

    LMBO @ does a bear poop in the forest… you always crack me up Silvia :)
    I just LOVE the bracelet, but can’t imagine knitting with wire, takes me long enough with wool *giggle* but I do have a good 12 inches or more done on my latest knitting project LOL.
    Great about Steve going back to work woo hoooooo, and I just love York, it is such a beautiful place and I was there last time I visited England in 2001 :)

  3. Carrie Anne shares:

    Congrats on your hubby getting the new job, that is fantastic news.

    Just love the bracelet - *sigh* another thing to go on my long list of “things to make” ;)

  4. Nancy shares:

    Hi Silvi, I love the wire and beaded bracelet. It is just so different. It’s really lovely. Let me ask you, IS there an easy way to stop smoking??
    Who is this Alan Carr person? hehe…
    Im also SO glad to hear Steve is back to work!
    love ya

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