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Okay so I am not excactly a follower I am just always to late with any Ideas I have or in doing things. After reading Woolywormheads blog entry about her stash I decided to gather all of mine and sort it..not an easy task as it is A: In a variety of Places…B:Odds and sods of yarn are just hanging about from when I did stuff with it that did not involve knitting (Making hair for my dolls). Please remember I only started knitting again last Winter. And I tend to use most of my yarn when I buy it.I do not want to fall into the same trap as I have done with my fabric!! IE: Have more fabric then I will ever find projects to do with.Trust me when I say I bought a Welsh dresser just to fit my fabric in and now I could do with 3 more!!
Soooooo Looking at what you see in the photo I don’t have a lot. Some Wool for Felting Bags, some Sock Yarn, some fashion Yarns and some odds and sods. I have a whole bag next to my chair also which holds all my current projects with all of the Yarn needed for those. However I recon that by this time next year it will all be a different story!!!!!!!!!!I know there are a lot of Knitters out there who would throw their hands up in digust at Acrylic Yarn and Fashion yarns and would never ever let these Yarns darken their Needles.I on the other hand say ‘bring it on’. Without some of these yarns I would never have returned to knitting. I am only now slowly turning into a Yarn Snob. But knitting for some of us is still expensive and many a knitter cannot or does not want to spend a fortune on yarn only to find they cannot do a Project. Also I cannot wear anything that is pure wool near my skin…I cannot abide it..I break out in Hives just at the thought. So if I want to knit myself a jumper I would have to be carefull what I knit it with. So far I discovered that I can wear Lambswool I buy from Texere is okay on my Arms. However the Noro (which I love) could only ever be on me with another Jumper between it and my skin.
Okay I am rambeling and probably not making much sense..All I want is for everybody to accept that some knitters need to knit with Acrylic as well as Wool………. And after all that here is my Stash Picture
My far

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  1. Tina shares:

    Hi Silv, hope you don’t mind me coming over to comment on my comment. I don’t have your email addy so have to do it this way :)

    I didn’t know whether to leave the post I deleted up there or not (I am guessing you read it) so I spoke to the people involved this morning and they thought it was a case of ‘least said,soonest mended’, so I took it off. It’s hard to please all the people :D

    I’ll miss you and if you want to email me at any time I would be thrilled. xxx

  2. amber shares:

    love the yarns:) I’ve a few acrylic also I use whatever feels right,. Just started a yahoo group for those fed up with the ongoing sagas on UKHK it is
    if youa re interested

  3. Tami shares:

    You always make me laugh Silvia. I think your yarn stash is awesome. Have a great Monday!!
    Hugs, Tami

  4. Carrie Anne/acrylik shares:

    I can see some lovely colours through those bags, looking forward to seeing what you make with them!

  5. Sunny shares:

    I love this post Silvi, and didn’t think you were rambling on at all. I SO agree with you about using any type of yarn, I mean, what the heck? Use whatever looks and feels good to you is what I say, doesn’t matter to me if it is acrylic or anything else for that matter. I only like wool for felting too because I too am allergic to it on my skin, and WOW there are some wonderful other yarns out there to use for that. BRING it on BABEEEEeeeeeeeee :) You have inspired me to knit and I thank you for that. Big cyber hugs.

  6. Seahorse shares:

    Hooray for someone else who isn’t a yarn snob! Like you I only returned to knitting recently and I’m happy to have a go with anything. My stash ranges from Boyes 99p bargains to flashy Noro and I love it all :)

  7. Tami shares:

    What? No new posts? LOL I hope you’re doing great. See ya in email land. Have a great weekend!

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