Now what???

Another lovely day today. Sunshine blue skies and warmth. As I said during another post I was going to head to Darlington to see this Yarn Stall Carrie Anne talks about. It is run by Becky and called Tabbydashery. I wasn’t sure what to expect but I was very happy:) Becky is simply lovely and the Yarns she had!!!! Since our current Monetary state does not allow me to go OTT I had to realy restrain myself. Still I managed to wring £10 out of DH and got this

Now I wanted the Yarn to extend the Blue Faced Leicester wool I got from Maryellen, however I now want to use it on it’s own!! Now what do I do??*sigh Choices choices..I am no good at choices.
I missed out on meeting Carrie Anne as she wasn’t there when we were and as per usual I forgot my Mobile!!
Anyway if you ever find yourself in Darlington on a Saturday do please go and visit Tabberdashery.

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  1. Becky shares:

    Found your site at last,so glad you are happy with your wool, you missed Carrie-Anne by about half an hour, (typical). It was great to meet you, I hope you both enjoyed your day. see you soon.Becky

  2. Sunny shares:

    OMG, Darlington???? Brings back childhood memories that name does LOL. I had some family who lived there, many many years ago, and I didn’t live too far from there either.
    Love the color of the yarn you purchased Silvi, can’t wait to see what you decide to do with it:)

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