I designed my first felted bag!! Yes sireeee bob…Me all by myself. I have been so badly wanting to get to design my own felted bags ever since I discovered felting and now I think I have…My very first was a long time coming. Lady’s and gentlemen without further ado I give you
The Panhandle

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  1. amber shares:

    love the bag

  2. Maryellen shares:

    Cool! I hope your enjoying your holiday! Until next time…

  3. Marina shares:

    It looks great! Wonderful job on the bag sweetie! Have a great weekend!

  4. Carrie Anne/acrylik shares:

    Great job on the bag! I visited Becky’s stall today and she said I missed you by about half an hour - what a shame… I heard you bought some goodies though :)

  5. Tina shares:

    Hehe, you can’t buy in secret now Silvia ;)

    Great work on the bag, well done you.

  6. Silvia shares:

    OMG!! I been rumbeld!!

  7. Sunny shares:

    Love it Silvia :)

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