This is very tiresome……..

But today is the day…I am going to invite the readers of ‘The Crafting Sherriff’ to view and review this her Blog. I hope it is well recieved. There are still a few links I have to add and some glitches to iron out but I think they will take longer then I thought. So I will keep TCS open for a while longer but not post anymore new post there.

Okay friends what do you think…….

Yay, 6 friends commented!

  1. amber moggie shares:

    Very nice, well done you:)

  2. Sue shares:

    Like the colour and the sheepie!


  3. Tina shares:

    Looking very good, especially the sheep :D

  4. Carrie Anne/acrylik shares:

    Looking great, Silvia! The colour is lovely and your banner is fantastic. Great domain name :) Your navigation looks very clear too. I shall change the address in my link to you when I get home tonight.

  5. Maryellen shares:


    At last I can leave a comment. Yesterday I could not as the computer wasn’t showing all the links or spaces. that makes no sense but trust me. I could not leave a comment on the old blog again my computer is haunted. I love the new format and I wish you many hours of blogging so that I can read it.

  6. Marina shares:

    Hi sweetie, I hope it will be easier for you now :) . The main design is finished and only couple little things maybe left ;) .
    Big hugs and have a great day!

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