As Cilla would say……

Surprise surprise!!!!!!! My first Parcel from my SP7 Pal Maryellen arrived today…Yeah. And it was lovely. I did tell her I would probably cry…and I did.. I know I am soft but what can I do? At the moment I am very emotional and it is easy to make me cry .
She send me lot of lovely things including a magnectic Doggy frame…so Porter will go into that one. Look at the yarn!! It is the most bluest deep tealy type color I have seen in a long time and it is Mohair. I mean Mohair is like …well…real wool!! Non of your Acrylic Nylon schmylong stuff..Oh I am loving it. Thank you so so much Meg you are one in a Million….Sending you a Hug!!!!!!!!!!!!
On the knitting front…finished the green Kool Aid Socks, so now I have a pair. Just going to wash them and then I can get to wear them tomorrow:) to keep my tootsie warm. You can see them in My Photos, funnily enough under Socks!! At this rate the Sock KAL’s I have joined will deffinetly be worth the end of the year I should have a decet amount of Socks and another of my New Years wishes has come true. To be able to knit Socks without Instructions…I am almost there but I still need to run the odd check here and there.
I have also decided to Frog the Shrug as it simply does not appeal to me anymore. I am halfway through the thing and realy I don’t like the Idea at all anymore so I am going to frog-it and make something else……I do have an Idea as to what I will maybe make…just have to wait and see if I can get and understand the pattern…we’ll see…………..

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  1. HazelNutcluster shares:

    What a lovely parcel, I am so going to do the next SP! Isn’t the teal a lovely colour?

    Congratulations on being Expert Sock Knitter :)

  2. acrylik shares:

    Oooh, your pal has sent you such lovely items, the yarn looks beautiful. Anything in mind to knit it in to yet?

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