I quickly ran up a Sock last night from the Kool Aid dyed Yarn I made that almost frightend me when I saw the result…lol. I think Hazelnutcluster would love these!!!!!!!!!!!
From this …100 grams of Kool Aid dyed Superwash Merino DK Yarn. Colors used Kiwi, Lemonade and Tamerino with a bit of Black food coloring for interest!!! Knitted up on 4.5 mm needles. I used just short of 50 grams per Sock.
To this…wonderfully warm cosy Socky’s!!! I must admid that next time I will maybe use 150 gram as the Socks could do with being a bit longer. I was going to actually wear them to work but now that I see just how bright they are…I probably won’t.don’t think I could get away with it and they are a bit thicker then the Socks I normaly wear so they and my Shoes would hurt my feet. But I am well chuffed with how they turned out and I will wear them with jeans ..I love them!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. ra shares:

    oooh well cool. I MUST try that (when I have less yarn lying around waiting to be knitted) ha ha.

  2. lexa shares:

    I really like how they turned out. Cool!

  3. ~Silvia~ shares:

    Thanks for all the coments…I am loving these socks…I am thinking that I need to buy more Yarn for dyeing ASAP

  4. HazelNutcluster shares:

    Ooh, ooh, I got on!! Quick before it goes funny again, yes those socks are wonderful. That’s not bright!! ;)

    You are telling me you knit socks in a night? Did I read that right? I have no right to have a knitting blog as I haven’t managed a good sock yet.

    I love that your foot is in a Christmas tree, lol.

  5. acrylik shares:

    I *love* them! Go on, wear them to work!

  6. Lynda shares:

    Another pair of socks! Look at you go!

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