Love your Husband….

…as I do!!!! Soooo, did everybody get through crimbo okay? I did..shame it is already finished:(
Anyhow I did good as far as presents go nothing fancy you understand..but all from the heart…that means more to me then something realy expensive….altho I would not say no hehehhe. We had a wonderful time just DH and DD and me. Spending time talking laughing an playing games and watching TV and so on. I must show one present my DH got me. He knows I wanted to have a go at dyeing my own yarn, so he bought me some yarn I could dye!! (That man knows his way to my heart!!!) So there I am with this yarn but of course no dye!! Now you can dye with Kool Aid…why not food color I am thinking.After reading up on it a bit more I took my food color (red,orange and green) one bottle of each and then added some Vinegar in equal amount and did what it said in my Stitch ‘N’ Bitch book (which I got from my SIL). It worked…well so far. The colors came out much better then I thought. Of course I have not knitted anything with it yet. I like to make some Mittens maybe but as yet have not found a Pattern I understand. I want to use double points and so far I seem to be a bit thick in understanding the Thumb gusset. But I get there. Will show the results!! I also have the cones left over so they will become Santa’s for next Christmas as soon as I get some lovely Red cord or velvet maybe. As soon as I can I will try Kool aid dyeing I found a UK site where you can get it froim so I be ordering some of that and of course more Yarn. I am all excited. I also got some Noro for a Bag so felting here I come.
I am back at work now:( In that sense the Holiday’s are just to short. At least I have Steve with me for another week. Well if I don’t manage to update before the New Year……………..

Have a good one and stay safe

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  1. acrylik shares:

    Wow! Just love your self-dyed yarn - gorgeous shade! Can’t wait to see more :)

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