I am done!! I have finished the last of my Christmas shopping. What ever i do not have after I finish work tomorrow..well I won’t have ..simple!! I have overspend by £100’s…yet again….but hey i got till next year to pay it all back into the savings.
I have also for the new year joined Secret Pal 7 , a secret gift exchange between 2 totaly random strangers. I am looking forward to that. Hopefully I will get someone who not only exchanges gifts but maybe tell me about where and how they live and things like that.
I have been reading back over my Blog and noticed that the contens don’t realy match the Title. This blog is called the ‘Crafting Sherriff’ but so far all you can read about and see is knitting. I will just have to update my Gallery and show of some of my other Crafting bits and bobs.
Steve has now come home for a week or so…..but not before he injured, well almost blinded himself at work!! He was shaking and aerosol can and the top flew of….straight into his eye!!IDIOT!!!I was quiet panicky while he was away..worried sick in fact. Now that he is home I just want to hit him in the other eye…lol. Love what a funny thing.
As you may have noticed I also lightend the mood of my Blog a little. a lighter background to lighten things up a little. I also noticed that it shows my Friend Ella’s header a lot better. Ella is a super crafter. She is also a lovely person…..as are all my online Friends. I made so many lovely friends simply by being online…shame I cannot translate the same into real live………….

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  1. Stuntmother shares:

    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and I’d be happy to tell you how to dye with the dangerous Kool Aid (and since I’d be surprised if you can get it in the UK, if you’d like some popped over to you, please let me know. I’m already planning on sending some to some friends in London).

    Enjoy Christmas (and I like the unfeltable bag even unfelted).

    Stuntmother (Francesca)

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