Busy Busy Busy…..

Have I been!! This last week we have done so much in the House that I feel I will never be able to find anything again. 18 years of crap have benn decimated!! we must have done 10 trips or more to the Rubbish Tip. I now have a lovely Painted Bathroom, great looking new wardrobes in my bedroom and above all the clean clothes have a place now.* sigh…but i am knackered. Tomorrow it’s back to work. I did mange to do some knitting. Finished my Socks made my first hat, finished and send the wristwarmers that were ordered and made some more scarves for sale. It is great if you can stay up till 1 or 2 am .Amazing what you can fit into a day.
I have now decided to post my pictures on my Flicker album rather then within the Blog..so you can go and check that if you like.
Today is just a realx and do nothing day. I mean we are back at work tomorrow which for me means having to get up at 4 am and for steve it means going back down south:( I hate having to let him go..it was so nice having him here to chat an laugh with. Hopefully we will get the House on the Market soon and sold of course so we can all move down south and then get back to normal.
As far as sewing goes….it seems to have been put aside. Santa is still perving it naked. Hopefully I will be able to finaly dress him on wednesday. I have found some books I am going to add to ebay today..i hope. It’s the knitting..it’s calling me!!!

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