……..well for a week at least. Just finished work and now I have one whole week of..Oh the joy’s of not having to go into that Hell Hole again for a week. Let the others deal with SA..I don’t care if the shelves are dirty or if the Pumps don’t work…I don’t give a flying stuff!!!!!!!!!!
I had my crafting day on Wednesday :) It was great. I did make my Santa…well he is still naked. I am rusting his Bells right now so hopefully they will be done soon then I can give him his coat. Got a real nice blanket to cut up for that. My friend Sunny gave me that Idea. She made a ‘Woodland Santa’ and used an old blanket for his Coat…I could not find a nice red Fabric so I am ’stealing’ her Idea….I will tell her. I am sure she won’t mind to much. I am not going to call him a woodland Santa so I am certain she be okay with it. I also made a needle Roll for my Knitting needles so they are all in a safe place and all together. The mistake I made there was that I only made on for my Long straight Needles never thinking about my Crochet Hooks and my double pointers. But I can make something for those as well.
I had some visitors here which made me right happy…so I am not alone out there. Must go and visit and say thanks…cyber etiquet (not sure how you spell that!!)
So what’s to do. I had hoped to have my second Sock done last night but I was so tired I couldn’t do it. So have to finish that of. I have 2 scarves to make..and still my Felting attemt is waiting. Also some Wristwarmers for my Friend Ella’s Daughter…whooo I am worn out just reading…lol. And of course need to dress the naked Santa.
i have already made new years resolution…..I am going to make a Cardigan for myself in the coming year..Not sure what or how yet but I am gonna. Also will at one point in the new year have a go at making some Drawstring trousers for myself….just to schlep around the house in you understand..but I’ll give them a try. Probably won’t be ready until next christmas but I feel the need to have a go…next time I am in Boyes I will take a look if they have a pattern I can use which would actually fit my humongus behind!! I would also love to have a go at making Fleece tops for next winter….My word the list is getting longer by the minute….I better stop now. I have no idea if there is a minimum lenght of artical one should write..if there is….well I don’t realy care….I just love rambeling on…Bored yet?????ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

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