So, then what ya been doing?

Yes indeed what have I been doing? I have had one whole wonderful weeks Holiday, just me myself and I…well and the dog and part of the week DD. I had already decided that this was going to be a week of relaxing and crafting and getting on with stuff..old and new. So out came the UFO’s from before Christmas.
The simple shawl I wanted to wrap about me when I am sat on an evening, something different to a cardie all the time. I only had done about 20 or so rows on the thing when I stashed it away.
Next I went on to finish Santa, who was ment to be sold for Christmas, he turned into ‘Ye Olde Shepherd’. I love him dearly. he is up for sale at www.
Then I did a Rag Quilt which is also for sale, this took me 3 days from deciding what I wanted to finishing it.
Are you still with me? Onto the Kitchen set. I am sick and tired of getting a cold schock up my bum when I sit on my Kitchen Chairs so some cushions had to be made. I bought the Rooster fabric sometime last year!!
I made a semi matching table throw from the Americana Fabric Roxanna send me. I love Americana.
I have also started cutting another Quilt, a patchwork one this time rather then a rag one. And I made 2 more Tagliatelle scarves which just need the ribbon adding and some nice ‘Hair Pins’ finding. Which I will get today. And now the last Item…my reward,which I made in between all the forementioned bits and bobs. A felted bag made from the Jaeger wool I bought at Tabbydashery when I went to the craft fair at the Forum. Good shape and embellished with Sari Silk and fully lined and above all MINE all MINE!!!
And I am not even mentioning the Housework and the washing I did. All in all a very happy week for me..wish I could do this all the time.

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  1. Cherry shares:

    A week to your self - a dream come true. I behave so differently when my time is my own. I have a different clock and I get so much done! Sounds like you have achieved tons! Well done - bet you feel great! I love the rag quilt!

  2. Carrie Anne shares:

    What a wonderful week you have had, Silvia! I am planning such a week from today onwards :) I love all your finished projects, but it is especially good to see your finished bag, as I saw the yarn just after you bought it!

  3. Laurie B shares:

    Wowee! You’ve gotten quite a lot done in just one week! Would you fly over and give me a hand?!!!!! Glad you had a good week :)

  4. Tina shares:

    Wow, all smashing stuff Silvia. I’m so glad you’ve had a chance to catch up and recharge batteries.

  5. Sunny shares:

    I LOVE all your projects but especially the bag you made yourself :) I need to find out what that scarf is you are talking about, can you maybe show me the way to finding out what it is?
    I am working on my knubby scarf today while waiting for customers to come in. DD went to get a haircut then she has to go home and pack for camping this weekend, so I am alone. Good time to catch up with you though :)

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