Lost in crafting

Bet you all thought I had abandoned this here blog!! Or that maybe I had gone on an around the world trip or something. No no no. I am on Holiday and I am playing catch up. Housework and crafting…..what a combination!! I decided that it was high time to get a few UFO’s out the way. Some of which have been sitting since before Christmas, so that is what I have been doing. Of course I have made a few new things as well. And of course I am a step closer to the challenge I have set myself.
The weather here is so beautifull as well so I am getting sidetracked into going and sitting outside so it is all pretty slow moving. I will post pictures by the weekend, and if all goes well it will be a pretty loaded Post then! Loaded with Pictures that is…..

Yay, 4 friends commented!

  1. Maryellen shares:

    Hi Silvia:

    Enjoy your vacation. The weather’s great here too. We’ve been in the garden planting a weeding that everything else has fallen off. As soon as it rains I’m back to laundry.

  2. Carrie Anne shares:

    Sounds like your having a great holiday - enjoy!

  3. Cherry shares:

    Look forward to the pics!

  4. Tina shares:

    Hope you’re still having fun - at the same time as being very, very busy :)

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