Finding my groove again

I been so long away from my sewing machine and my Prim/country crafting that I almost forgotten how to do it. But this weekend I went crazy!!!I have been meaning to make a Rag quilt for over a year. And now I finaly learned how…properly I mean. I bought a Quilt of my friend Roxanna and after that arrived I was more determined then ever to make one. So after a chat with Rox and some friends on the
OPD Board I had a go. Now the with blue one, I was more concentrating on the look rather then the technique so that looks okay but is not quiet right. The brown one however turned out perfect. I was concentrating on the Technique rather then the colorway. I was simply using up my Homespun material. I am using it as a tabel runner and I am liking it.So I am rather happy.My aim of course is that I will get good enough to make them for sale but in the meantime I am having fun learning. I have ordered more Fabric so I will have a go at making a Lapquilt next and after that my Craft room should be ready to move into. That is when I will attemt the challenge I have set myself. I am not saying out loud what it is as I do not want to jinx it..but I am hopeful…very very hopeful.
Blue Rag Quilt Tabel runner
Brown Rag quilt tabel runner

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  1. Tina shares:

    They’re nice Silvia, well done again for trying something new! Sounds exciting, your secret challenge. As long as we have hope, eh?

  2. Michelle shares:

    Looking forward to hearing what the challenge is !
    The quilts look good! I toyed with this craft many years ago but I just could not get on with my sewing machine ( too heavy footed!) and my ’squares’ just weren’t! They bought a whole new meaning to rustic looking!

  3. Cherry shares:

    Funnily enough I bought some fat quarters today - I am hoping to make a silk quilt for Binky’s 21st in August so I think I had better get a move on!
    Love the rag quilt with the homespuns perfect choice of fabric and technique

  4. Carrie Anne shares:

    Ooooh, they look lovely, Silvia! I always enjoy visiting your site, very inspiring!

    Interested to find out what your challenge is!

  5. Tina shares:

    Are you alright Silv? xx

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