November 28th, 2006 

And as far as this Yarn goes it realy is!! After spinning for sale and as gift’s I thought it was time for a little experiment and education. Initially I was going to add it to the Shop but I am not now! The reason being that it is a swine to seperate. Here is how it came about.
I was wondering what it would look like if I spun all my natural brown fibres into one. So Wensleydale, Alpaca and Black welsh mountain were carded together. While I was carding I remembered the effect the colours of my Pinwheel had on people so I added a touch of white BFL!! It looked lovely…very much like Chocolate Mouse after you gave it a stir with a spoon.
Then I thought would it not be nice if it had fluffy bits,so out came some of the angora I was given as a gift. Then I thought it needs a little shine!! Aha Tussah Silk to the rescue. Then I remembered I had bought some Mohair..can you see where this is going? At first I just spun all the brown fibre as core then I carded all the softy mushy fluffy fibres together and spun these around the core…well I tryed to anyway, that’s the educational bit. And here is the result……
If you go into my Flicker Album under Handspun you can take a closer look.
It does feel a lot like Chocolate Mouse and looks much like it :) I shall team it with a brown eyelash yarn and size 10 or 12mm needles and see what develops…………I mean why stop now!!!!
I want to thank everybody for their encouraging words on my Shop/Yarn. I will be adding more as time allows……

Big thanks to Spider, Carla, Mary-Lou, Judy, Hazel, and Maryellen for the comments.
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When will I ever learn? (and not one single picture)

November 26th, 2006 

I assume that many of us have ask ourself this question a million times. Today we went into York for a spot of christmas shopping. The last day of the St.Nicolas Fair..I should have known..I simply should have. You couldn’t move and see anything for the amount of People that were there. Madness just madness. At least I now have almost all the gifts for the family. And it wasn’t to expensive either concidering I had to buy for 7 people. Next year I shall ask all of them to for a christmas list and we will just pick something of it for each one. I now just need to buy a couple of bits for friends but they are easy to please and many will get handmade stuff anyway. I also bought myself a new Handcream. This one was mentioned in Knit Today..I think, Culpeper Hand Recovery Cream Rose and Geranium. It is wonderful stuff. I put some on and even after washing my hand with soap and water 3 times since my hands are still lovely and soft and I could see the water perling of as well. It is a bit greasy and takes a little time to soak in but with amound of handwashing I do I need all the recovery I can get. I have real working persons hands quiet rough in places.
We also went up to Sandie’s and picked up some Lamb, she has been slaughtering this week. Be interested how different the Ryland Meat is from the Lamb we normaly get.
Okay and here now is the news I been trying to delay typing and telling the world. I don’t know why I hesitate but I have been……….
If you go to www.primcorner.com and click on handspun..there they are!!! Well what I have so far anyway. I have some more drying right now which will go up during the week. Please feel free to let me know what you think….. I be interested to know ..but be gentle!!!!!!!!!!!!

By the way, a good guy friend of mine has taken interest in hunting and has been asking me to join him. (I know, it's a whole different ball game than knitting) but I've gotten curious. So yeah, I've been reading up on the best rimfire scope and other varieties on bestgunscope.com. I'll let you know how our hunting trip goes. ;)

Big thanks to Hazel, Rain, Judy, Artyfartykat, Carrie Anne, Helen, Maryellen, Sue, Ambermoggie, and Spider for the comments.
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They seek her here they seek her there…

November 25th, 2006 

Have ya been wondering where I has got to???? I been a busy little Bee yet again. after finally deciding to make some Yarn for sale I had to……well make yarn for sale! I also had to set up a page on my Shop for yarn and while I was doing that I thought I give my site a new look using my Friend Ella’s Graphics she made for me ages ago and I am still plugging away at that. Of course I had to also knit like some demented fool for decorations fro DD’s Shop. Those Baubles from Knit Today Magazine will haunt me for some time to come. And in between all that I had to fit in my Live…amazing what you can do when you put your mind to it. I finaly found some Acid Dyes I can understand the use of as well so now I can dye my own colours as I want/need them. So all in all I am having a good time:) My Yarns will hopefully go up for sale tomorrow..maybe..who knows..probably. I am still not sure I am doing the right thing by inflicting my concoctions on the general public but I am willing to give it a try…………..
I leave you with some pictures of my future project. When SP 7 was on the go my then secret Pal Meg send me a copy of Spin Off, the super duper American spinning magazine. In there was an article about spinning Doghair. Now my doggy has just the most perfect hair for spinning:) You can see pics of him in my Flicker Album. A couple of days ago DD gave him a good brushing..so I collected all the Hair that came of washed it and I will soon give it a go at spinning. Please don’t all go EWEEEE! It doesn’t smell anymore and is superduper clean….here are the pics of a very happy contented Dog being brushed (just what you aways wanted to see)

and the bag with the results. Not much but enough for a tryout

Big thanks to Rain, Carrie Anne, Maryellen, Lyonheart, Judy, and Artyfartykat for the comments.
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Competition closed and the winner is……

November 19th, 2006 

…again I am using my totaly un-glamarous plastic box thingy. The winner this time is…..drumroll……………….
Please contact me with your addres:)
Couldn’t wait until Monday!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Big thanks to Spider, Nicole, Helen, Carrie Anne, Piglottie, Maryellen, Artyfartykat, Judy, and Tina for the comments.
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WIP’s and experiments

November 17th, 2006 

We all have them..WIP’s. Some love ‘em some hate ‘em some worry about them. Me, I take it as they come..I have some..or not depending. Currently I do have some!! The Cafe Du Monde Glove is still a singular entity, my Blanket is an ‘When I can be bothered project’ and I am currently knitting Christmas baubles like mad for Jessica’s late night opening on the 24th of November. Apparently Santa will be on the Wensleydale railway and may well stop of, so we want to be prepared:) I also last night cast on for my Romney Coat…after all the spinning and dreaming about this now I am not to sure…..have to wait and see. The Yarn is about the thickness of Collinette so if I dislike what I am doing now I will simply use one of their patterns..no problems. So those are my knitting WIP’s. I don’t have any spinning ones as I finished one load last night…you should carry on reading!! I am now thinking of a Christmasy type Yarn..you know the stuff all reds and whites with bits in or something..we’ll see. I have also been thinking more about selling my Yarn…it depends on if there is a call for my type of stuff in this country. Would any selfrespecting knitter really buy the Puckyfluff type yarn? I know I would if I didn’t know how to spin but what about you? More thinking required and of course more experiments. Which leads me neatly to the next section. ( See I don’t just write randomly!!)I been experimenting again with some different dye’s, this time the Dylon Cold water dye’s. Will show how they come on out on Sunday. One thing though..you know it always tells you to wear gloves and sometimes you think to yourself..Oh I be carefull don’t need gloves..well put the darn things on!!!

Of course I been experimenting with Yarn as well and so we have another competition. Again you could be the winner.
There is 112 grams of yarn here. I am not sure about the yards..a lot I think. Kool aid dyed Merino spun with just a touch of Angelina fibre( not that the sparkle shows in the picture), just a touch mind!! Plyed with white Welsh mule, which has been ‘loftily’ spun so we have blobs and nubs and gloobs (all technical terms don’t you know) then the whole lot was plyed again with more Merino

All you have to do is leave a comment. That’s not to difficult now is it? The competion closes on Suday the 19th November at 9 PM UK time, the winner will be announced on Monday morning. This should give all those a chance who missed out last time.
Good luck and be safe…………..
PS: If you leave a comment but don’t want the yarn please let me know:)

Big thanks to Debby, Helen, Hazel, Silvia, Piglottie, Carrie Anne, Maryellen, Ambermoggie, Nicole, Carla, and Artyfartykat for the comments.
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